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Probably one of the handful of times I've watched this show,reminds me why I'm not a regular viewer
If they wanted some real opinions& facts from people who have some knowledge why didn't they invite Tom Kate or a Tiberius rep on the show
Do they hurt more?Personal experience says yes,not any more than a CO2 powered rental gun spiking over 300, a much more common problem.
Are they unsafe?Again,not any more than an inconsistent gun with spiking velocity or someone shooting uncapped ramping
At our outlaw field we allow both FS and uncapped ramping,players are expected to self regulate and its worked out for us.A more common problem is spiking Spyders and junk guns that aren't consistant
It's paintball guys,even the best players will take some lumps.Quit whining and take your lumps like a man
BTW who are those fools?Other than Eric Engler I don't know any of them, their obvious slanted opinion doesn't carry much weight with me anyway.If Bud Orr,Tom Kate,Bob Long or Jack Wood were to give an opinion it might actually mean something
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