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Originally Posted by SweatyDemon View Post
You guys pick the one Saturday this month I have to work... I work downtown until 1p, I could try and get there around 2 if you think you'll still be around.
Sure, I might be There until closing time! We might Do this again after this Saturday if we had a good time. Since most of my friends find 10-10:30, I might be there by 1-2PM Latest.

I'll be the guy with either the PGP (if I get off my a$$ & fix the cupseal leak) or the PMI-II & gray E-vents.

I assume we will be playing against/with semis?
Well, There's a policy that members or experienced members cannot really play VS. the non-Members (The first timers and New guys) And we will play against electros, Preferrably we can play against Team Crimson, I work for them as Camera man, They aren't THAT great but nevertheless still pretty good. By next year they should be ready to play in CXBL I think.

Originally Posted by Murph View Post
I think that's an ugly chick in there TBH. She's probably a feminist who thinks showing off a giant cooch is empowering.
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