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Quick POI dope for Tiberius adjustable riser

I set out to create a POI chart for the Tiberius adjustable riser. This was intended for people like me who dont have a yard or anything to test in. If my math and methods are correct ive set up a chart where if you set all of your data up correctly you will know (theoretically) where your round will impact at each whole click of adjustment on the Tiberius adjustable riser. I couldn't get it to show half degrees so whole degrees are what we have. Im sure by using the pattern you could come up with the half way click values. I need another set of eyes this so you guys can tell me if these number look correct since im new to chairgun. To make this work you have to set your starting zero at level arch. So i set mine at 20 yards. I also set the sight at 2 inches above bore not sure if thats correct.

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Hope that you can read that. It wouldnt let me upload word docs.
Im not sure which column of max range im supposed to go off of but i think its that first column of max range. Let me know what you guys think
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