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Originally Posted by slyyoung28 View Post
My sniper is having some issues and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.

Empire Sniper
fresh o-rings last week (empire grease from a mini on o-rings)
SS pump guide
60ci/3000psi Ninja tank
Freak Kit (insert to match paint)
Op. pressure (210psi)
IVG (started all the way in and turned 2 full turns out)
FPS 270-277 (20 shots over the chronograph)
Shooting new Valkin paint (no dimples)

The marker is the most inaccurate marker I have ever shot. I have been playing for about 20 years and have shot everything on the market and this sniper is all over the place. Also having issues with double feeding or not feeding at all.
This is the second sniper I have owned and the first one was right on the money shot on shot, that is why I got this one after trading off the first one.

Any help would be great.
By inaccurate do you mean the balls are curving different directions or there is a big variance in distance between each shot? Also your operating pressure should be in the 225-250 range and your IVG should only be a few turns in from flush. My Sniper is dead on with good paint but with anything less than premium grade I like to overbore it a bit. I've found with the mid grade paint that a lot of the balls are oblong and not perfectly round. This leads to the balls curving HARD out of the barrel when I underbore. Overboring on it seems to help a lot. Plus, paint heats up and changes its shape when its hot out as the day goes on so I usually start with my .675 and move up to the .680 or .685 by the end of the day. Almost all accuracy problems are paint to bore match unless its shooting straight but largely different distances each time.

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