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Help Identifying parts on a Gen-E Matrix

I'm trying to figure out what is on this gun and what it's worth, and I guess I need some help. Here's what I DO know...

-Shocktech ASA
-SS Boomstick
-Venturi face freeflow with the 2ms delay back (knowledge ripped from a MCB thread)

I'm not sure about the board/chip. The physical board is green and looks like a standard DM4 board, but there is a chip present that has something along the lines of "XM015 code" written on it, google didn't get me anywhere. When the trigger is held and the gun is turned on it goes into programming mode (all solid colors: green, red, blue, teal, yellow, purple)

I'm also confused on the breach. An external eye wire comes out of the dead air chamber and into the breach, which is milled for eyes. The detents are threaded in, and they look like angel(?) detents.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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