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Everything went pretty well :P

5:20 PM was my moment of glory, I was with Mitch and 2 Newbies v.s 15 New players and 3 Speedballers.
The 1st Newbie in my team was tagged off the break. Mitch was tagged out and there were 9 left, 8 Newbies and 1 Speedballer. I Bunkered most of them and ran out of paint! I was picking up paint from the floor and cleaning it then put it in my gun and whenever I struck a dude out, he would scream and point out at my location. I was so hyped when there was one person left, I had one of my team members shooting at me since When I bunkered the kids at the castle Some didn't know and were still moving up on my teammate so I teamkilled him by mistake and got the other guy and won the game!

After such Glory, I felt like Michael Jackson at a 7 year old's birthday party. oh and there was another minor game where I just got hit over 12 times. Nothing big.

I wanted to go bunk a speedball player :P
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