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I made a DIY sawn of barrel for a old inferno mk2 it's a Spyder type rental marker that ran on co2, I never noticed any accuracy difference between that 3.5 inch sawn of and a 12 inch DYE stainless steel barrel I guess part of it might be that I never aim down the marker I am very good at knowing where the barrel is pointed even when firing from the hip, several times at the shooting range at the site I mainly go to I have managed to hit 12 of the targets in the head in a row firing whilst just aiming on instinct changing target each time one shot each time, most times I hit about a average of 7 in row before I miss so yeah I just don't bother unless I'm using first strikes or maybe a APEX 2 then aiming down the barrel or using a scope isn't really necessary for close medium or long range.
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