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Velocity Adjustment on CCM pumps

Stolen from James, but great info for a new CCM owner.

Are not made through the regulator!!! It has come my attention that there has been velocity issues with some CCM pumps that has arose from people either doing it theirselfs or being told to adjust the velocity through the regs. DO NOT DO THIS !!!!!!!!!!

Most CCM regs have a two or three thread sweetspot that if it is screwed outside of this small area will not perform at it best, hence velocity issues / recharging issues.

The velocity is to be changed through the back of the marker by adjusting the IVG which is located in front of the backblock. Here is a pic of the part you looking for. It is the black ring to the left of the spring that the cocking rod goes through.

Here you will see it sitting just in front of the back block in this cut away view

You can adjust it with a simple allen wrench. Screwing it in or out in small adjustments should take care of all velocity issues.

If you still have an issue please contact the factory for help!!!! It may save you being without a marker while you have your problem fixed..

James "Old Man" Williams
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