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the more i read these suggestions the more i think we could do more in terms of teaching.The only problem I have with it is that teaching and paintball can be a sensitive topic. ive always kind of adopted a "if they want help they will ask" in order to not step on any toes. Nothing would be worse than trying to help, the guy not taking it in stride and he feels offended. obviously this would need to be done the right way, and at the right time.

With respect to renters though, ya i think its a great idea.

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I really like the clinic idea, but I think it would need to happen between points. Teach a skill or technique between games for about 5 minutes and encourage the players to practice the technique the next game. Make it voluntary and watch as the renters push each other to be better players. I bet participation would be fairly high as guys look to be better than their buddy.
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