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Probably my last marker

Well I've pretty much played with every kind of pump under the sun and I'm not going back to semi anytime soon, so I'm thinking of dropping quite a bit of green on an ultimate pump marker. As I'm a spring return man (hence why I'm not a big sheridan or superstocker fan) I'm mainly looking at the Carter Buzzard and Chipley SS-25, looking at the SS-25 mainly. It will also get trik'd out looking at adding a stock, dual stabs, 13c.i. tank, lapco barrel kit and an aim sight. Looking to be done by X-mas. As this is probably the last gun I will purchase in a long time do you guys have any suggestions for maximizing the trik'dness? Suggestions on the valve, custom work, reg rigging will be much appriciated.

-His Dudeness
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