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Buy/Sell/Trade Forum Rules- Read Before Posting

The rules are simple:

1)Post an ad not a link
B/S/T threads that consist solely of links to ads placed on other websites are not permitted.

2) State a price
Sale ads must state a specific price. No auctions or fishing for competing offers will be tolerated. Be advised that moderators may issue warnings or infractions when a user ad is deemed to be a veiled attempt at fishing for a price or otherwise violates the B/S/T rules.

3) Be honest about the condition
Be clear, honest in your descriptions of items for sale or trade and fully disclose any issues that the item has.

4) Please use proper English.
Internet slang, foul language and the use of symbols in B/S/T is discouraged and extreme examples or deliberate disregard of this rule may result in thread closings or other sanctions.

5) B/S/T thread titles should be clear and concise.
The use of unnecessary symbols or emphasis such as capitals, etc. will result in editing and/or closing until in compliance with this rule.

6) Adding extra search terms or including pictures which identify or link to other websites is not permitted. Such items will be summarily removed and repeat violators of this rule may be issued infraction points.

7) Upping your Thread
Yes, sometimes your post will fall back a page or two. You may "UP" the post by replying to it once every 24 hours. Threads that are “Upp'd” by the (original) poster more than once a day will be closed.

8) No PayPal (or other payment processing system) fees to buyer
Do not make a sales price and then add that the buyer must pay an additional % to cover your PayPal (or other payment processing system) fees. Those fees are for the SELLER, not the BUYER. If you want to cover those standard selling/transaction fees please adjust your sales price accordingly before posting the thread.

9) Violation of BST rules will result in thread closure or locking and may result in the issuance of infractions to the offending user. Repeated violations and the accumulation of infraction points may result in temporary or permanent ban from either theB/S/T forum or the website as a whole.

ADENDUM: From time to time a sale on MCB does not go as planned. Often buyers and sellers whose transactions were not completed in a satisfactory manner will contact a moderator for help with a resolution.

MCB is not responsible for incomplete transactions: This is the internet and a 'buyer beware' policy is expected to be understood by all members. MCB does not profit from the sales section, and makes no guarantees or assurances regarding these transaction. MCB offers a FEEDBACK area for all sales. IF a member has an issue with a sale he or she may make 1 post detailing their experience in a feedback thread. The feedback thread is not a place for dialogue; only for a recounting of an experience from either or both sides of the transaction.

If a buyer or seller feels that they have been treated unfairly or a product was not delievered, it is up to this member to take the necessary steps to achieve a satisfactory remedy. These steps may include contacting paypal, contacting the local authorities or a lawyer. The burden of following this process rests with the complainant.

MCB moderators are not in a position to deliver a financial remedy, or force the hand of another member based on a transaction with which MCB staff had no part. MCB moderators adopt a 'hands off policy' in all such matters, but reserve the right to issue infractions or bans at all times for unacceptable behaviour as per the existing rules.

If you are unhappy with a transaction, please follow these steps: contact the member via p.m. or telephone. IF no resolution is obtained please attempt a remedy via the feedback thread, local authorities, or other means.

Thank You.
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