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Look for opportunities in the market place. Refiners are getting killed, 3rd quarter earnings will be high...will this trend continue???

MPC, PSX, VLO...are 3 of my favorites...long MPC

Also like NTI LP, this is a MLP...refiner, small cap/maybe almost a mid cap, single refinery unit with a few gas stations. Currently has a distribution of 18%, MLP's are treated differently than a stock for tax liability. Maybe their distribution decreases...refiners are not typically placed in a MLP. MPLX LP is another MLP I am watching. Upon shareholder approval in 12/15, they will merge/buy MarkWest...they plan on raising their distribution 29% this yr, 25% in each of 2016 & 2017 and 20% for the next 2 yrs and then maintain a 15%+ distribution...within 5 yrs, they plan on raising the distribution to 9%-10%.

Watch the east coast rails, NSC and CSX...both offer long term opportunities. They have not bottomed yet...reduced oil and coal shipments are hurting them, this trend will not end quickly.

Or buy Buffet...BRK.B.

IMHO, the large oil stocks will drop more this next summer, I expect to see oil at $60/barrel. Refineries will shut down for maintenance in the Fall and the oil gut will increase...most oil producers were hedged most of the year....only for part of next and the fracked oil wells have a very high depletion rate.
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