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Originally Posted by Toad View Post
Y'all seem salty about electros. Give a douche bag player a pump, electro, a crappy mech or whatever have you and he will be a douche. It's the player you have to change, not the gun. I play with both a pump and electro depending on my mood. I play competitive speedball and shoot a billion balls a second on the speedball field when everybody is doing it. In the forest or renters I'll one ball check people, cause I'm not a douche. It's starting to sound like PBN with the hate on electros. Yes I'm salty about you guys being salty about electros.
Agree. Its funny how the same people that bitch about electros will also brag about lighting up an entire field of electro players with a pump. Experience trumps the gun everytime.

Field owners should enforce renters and experienced players in 2 different groups. If they want, let shake n bakes and pumps play with the renters but bump them to the other group if they are getting most of the renters out.

Cuz you know what stings more then getting bonus balled? Getting out off the break every game and having to sit it out while the experienced player is consistently the last one out every game.

I also want to emphasize, it's not up to the field to cater to every style of gear owner. The field needs to do what's best for business. That's renters first, then the experienced players in an open group.

Anyone that wants their own style of play should organize a private game . Don't have enough friends for a private game? Then maybe you are that guy that nobody wants to play with, whatever style you play.

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