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Originally Posted by EL17E 76 View Post
EVS ... This is the only mask I have ever forgot I was actually wearing while playing ... And didn't feel like the first thing I wanted to do was take it off as soon as walking off the field. Took about half an hour to get used to the way the foam(which is IMO a great 3 layer setup)fits to the face. No fogging issues played in 90*+ and 80% humidity. Fit great with the beard and glasses and didn't feel like I was missing any coverage. FoV is great able to look down without having to fully pull my head down to see what I was walking on.

Locking tabs are interesting and easy to use as is removing the lens to clean.

Only thing as with all new masks why don't they come with a microfiber cloth...yes the felt carry bag is great but not necessary for play.

I can also attest that the lens WILL do its job ... Took a point blank lens shot from about a foot away ... That'll teach me to tap a guy on the shoulder through a hole in the wall ... But the lens did its job while scaring the crap outta me. No separation of the thermal layer as has happened to me before with close shots to the lens with other systems.
This post gives me hope! I have been looking at the EVS for a while. While putting aside some cash, I have been trying to read about the mask as much as possible. The lens removal combined with the ease of foam replacement and the apparent range of vision look like it combines to make a great mask.
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