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Depending on the valve, springs, inner pre-valve spacing volume, hammer, 12 gram orientation, paintball to barrel match, ambient air temperature/humidity/pressure/elevation, physical location, inline bolt vs. stacked-tube bolt;
you could enjoy 24 shots that vary between 255-300 feet per second (perfect accuracy but some inconsistency), with the 255 and 300 ends being rare and the velocities hovering mostly around 270, and with minimal drop-off on the tail end, like one or two lobbed shots added afterwards;
or opposite this, depending on the setup you could enjoy a 300+ spiked shot as the first shot (as high as 320 but the chrono guy doesn't need to know that) followed by a lot of 270 with +/- 5 fps fluctuation over the span of 30-35 shots with about 2-6 lobbed shots added on the end which tend to look like a series of 250ish shots, then 220, 190, and then the air vents out

The first scenario is noisy, is inconsistent but tolerable for woodsball, and there's little to no drop-off so you get the full might of those 24 shots
^ actually the velocity may increase subtly over the span of those 24 shots
The second scenario is quieter and lasts longer with at least 30 shots but you have to adjust your shots for the predictable drop-off, which is fine and becomes a natural adjustment, you sort of feel where the shots are going to land
In either scenario the shots will be accurate

Its normal if in every eleven shots or so that you get a random lowball or dud, you just chamber another round and try again
The plus is that shots are so quiet compared to the semi-autos around you, and infrequent, that nobody notices, so you can re-aim at the guy and try again

Or I'm just completely insane like that homeless guy that laughs and talks to himself from down the road

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