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Originally Posted by Scharfschutze91 View Post
Getting back into the sport after a 3 year leave. Sold all my gear so I am coming back with a bang. This just came in today.
Instead of SHARP, it should say MIA.

To keep it Legit:

My CCM'd Inception body (all dust/ matte black)
  • Inception Kryptonite Full Body
  • Empire Feedneck
  • CCM Bolt and Pin
  • CCM 86* frame
  • CCM 2K Pump kit
  • CCM AT Lever
  • CCM lower internals
  • CCM Cocking Rod
  • CCM Regulator
  • CCM Fittings (only one shown because I tore an o-ring in one chasing a leak)
  • PE OOPS on/off
  • CP detent
  • SP Freak back
  • SP Teardrop Freak tip
  • Ty's Ti .680 freak insert


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