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Nah, I just have bad luck with things like this. The one time I tried to own an autococker the front end was a nightmare. Could have been a lemon, could've been me; I just remember it being problematic and unpleasant.

So I look at it and think, "Okay, if I blow a hose how hard will that be to reattach?" Or, if I need to rebuild the LPR, how many tiny, tiny wrench movements is that going to be? Will I need to remove the barb to unscrew the LPR? And am I going to destroy the barb in the process?

And not everything is apparent, because I still haven't figured out how the air gets routed into the LPR...

Originally Posted by luke-AO View Post
There's a single screw that holds the T-Rex in and the LPR simply screws into the frame. If any repairs need done, you would just disassemble it as you would any other part of the marker. This does not require all the tinkering like the other pneumag builds if that's what you're referencing in respect to tuning.

The left side of the frame looks exactly like the right, if you look closely you can see pretty much everything.
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