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Sort of resurrecting this, but I live in SLC and am saddened at the lack of other options outside the main two indoor speedball fields. Although Addicts are still in the process of re-opening their new location and have not finished their "68 cal" fields yet. Xtreme (same owners) is just a mess, turf is never clean which really makes it not fun. They are going to be going to strictly .50 cal soon. So we have Retribution which is a cool field, but only open in the summer months. Addicts should be a good place to go once up and running. There is Action Center in Morgan which is a bit of a drive, but from what I have seen it looks like a great field. It's by reservation only pretty much, but if you look on their calendar, the owner allows walk-on players for any date not marked as private. I think I would feel bad going up there alone and dropping in on some people's group, even though it is allowed. I am part of the Odgen paintball group as well as Hobble Creek Paintball Warriors but have yet to play either fields. If I recall, there is Hobble Creek which in the Springville area and Ogden play at "the Marriott field". Could be wrong though. Squaw Peak seemed great but sounds like it's dead.

Like you, I am down to drive to a little bit for some good paintball fun. So I'll send you a PM to keep in touch and hopefully we can roll together!

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