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CCM pump question

So a buddy of mine just gave me a partial CCM T handle pump kit to use on my 2k pump project, but it needs some parts to get it up to being useable. I have the pump handle and arm, but I need to know what else I will need besides the pump arm guide to make it complete.

I got all the parts I was in need of, thank you to those who responded there. I now have a new question:

How in the crap do I separate the pump arm from the purple guide? I tried unthreading the two, but they seem to use some sort of unbreakable adamantium thread sealant. I tried heat, my drill press vise, and a hammer to no avail. Is cold the way to go with these or do I need more heat to loosen the sealant?

I need to use a longer pump arm to attach to the back block, otherwise I would have left it alone.

Thank in advance!
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