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Originally Posted by BigReRe View Post
Looked up The Old Man of the Mountain cause it sounded cool.
Here's an excerpt from wikipeadea about its collapse:

Freezing and thawing opened fissures in the Old Man's "forehead". By the 1920s, the crack was wide enough to be mended with chains, and in 1957 the state legislature passed a $25,000 appropriation for a more elaborate weatherproofing, using 20 tons of fast-drying cement, plastic covering, and steel rods and turnbuckles, plus a concrete gutter to divert runoff from above. A team from the state highway and park divisions maintained the patchwork each summer.[5]

Nevertheless, the formation collapsed to the ground between midnight and 2 a.m., May 3, 2003.[2] Dismay over the collapse was so great that people left flowers at the base of the cliffs in tribute.
It was really a heartbreaking event. I can't think of an equivalent elsewhere because it was a natural formation as opposed to man-made, but it was a weird sense of mourning when it happened.
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