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My first electro experience was way back, the guy who ran our field on base brought out a brand new Rain maker. He let everybody play a game or 2 with it that day, and I claimed “I’ll never own an electronic gun, give me my cocker any day”. I made it several years shunning angels and the old shoe box shockers never feeling out classed even at World Cup, or the Madrid Gras open against the pros.
I lost my resolve when the E-blade came out, and my father strapped one on my SFL. Holy s#1t I was hooked, and got back into tournament play. I have always had and played with pumps and mechs, but I got caught up in the tournament arms race in the early 2000’s faster and faster. Still practiced and scrimmaged its a pump plenty though. Our team always had someone practicing with a pump, it is the best way to train your gun fighting skills f you can shoot D-2 guys in full practice with a pump, the fire ther D-2 guys are n big trouble when you are packing an Ego/DM/etc.
Still love walking onto a field with my sniper and guys going “naw go get your ego dude I’d rather play against that”
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