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Originally Posted by Thotograph View Post
I just find it funny that they are going with just pro glass but the first body is basically prosumer spec.

dragon: sorry to say that price is what passes for entry level hot new new canon FF mirrorless. They'll do a pro model eventually.

My .02 is that the advancements in glass/mount in this system will be phenomenal, but they may go unnoticed if the sys doesn't sell well. Maybe they're going more for still photographers than videographers? I wanna rent one n give it a try but I'm not interested in mirrorless really.
A lot of people said the same thing. That cannon is pricing people out. also said looks like cannon does not want to alienate dslr fans. also said by doing this will not get people want to covert over in till come out with lower price option. but said glad to see coming as pro model and with pro glass unlike nikon. but all nikon glass is semi pro glass.
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