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Originally Posted by XEMON View Post
Hello all,

I finally got a hold of a TS-1 ...

I was told it have "updated HPA guts", but it looks like a CO2 core: all brass with the C-clip on top ...

I have a few questions:
- Any goog place to get spare parts like the guide plate or mags?
- Can it use siphon tank or gaseous CO2 only?
- Can a CO2 core run on HPA from time to time?
- What is the efficiency of those? is it feasable to use with a 4oz CO2 or 9ci hpa?
- I saw Hephaestus zeta mag mod, any 3D printed version out there?
- Also, any 3D printed mag models? Guide plate?

Any other trick or things to watch for?

Im sure i will have more questions at some points ...
Thank you all in advance for your help.
For 3D printed stuff check out the RATS thread. Or message Lordkle. Iím sure he will chime in shortly anyways
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