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DirtyWorks PB Robbed - $40K+ Stolen.

Unfortunately not a great way to kick off the new year. If you see anything funky or too good to be true deals, it might be from this. If you don't want to contact Richard, feel free to shoot me a pm. As always with stuff like this, lets not turn it into a witch hunt for any cheap marker you see. As of late there haven't been a ton of gen 1 marqs popping up in bst, so if you notice an unusual number pop up here, ebay or anywhere else maybe let me know. I will post updates as they come in.

From Facebook.

Richard @ Dirty Works
ALL- Just wanted to do a shout out on this forum and the others as well. Our new store just got robbed. We had around 40-45K in markers stolen. These were unreleased and going to be available mid January. I know our community is pretty tight when it comes to theft in this sport so if you guys know of or see any weird sales for anything new looking from Gen 1 - Insight product lines of bob long markers including Automags, Mokal Auras, Mini's, Axes, MacDev, etc. We will still be doing online orders however the store is closed until further notice. Appreciate any information you can provide, if you need to contact us please call Dirtyworks @ 503.666.7930.
UPDATE - Partial List There are multiples of the below, A lot of these were in the process of being built.
All Gen 3s were missing barrel tips and asas. The Dust White Ripper 3 was Complete

Phase- Dust black with gold accents w/ reflex engine
Phase- Dust Black with titanium accents w/ reflex engine
Phase- Polished Black with frog acid washes accents w/ reflex Engine
Marq V2 OLED- White, blue, red acid wash and currently has supercharged engine in it.
Vice- Joker Suicide Acid Wash: Main color base is green and currently has no asa on it
Vice- Titanium with Khaki Splash and Turquoise Accents
Ripper 3- Whiteout Completely white
Abomb- Black with an explosion anodize on the body and down the side of the frame has no asa or barrel tip
Gen 3 Dragon- This has a spitfire anodize down the front of the marker where the dragons mouth is and spitting fire on the bore. Has no asa or barrel tip
Gen 3 Dragon- Dust black with polished black accents no barrel tip or asa on it
Gen 3 Dragon-Polished black with gold accents
Automag- This is a custom milled body with a dye barrel and CP asa anodized a weird dust black yellow acid wash. This has working electronics, X valve and 10 bolt on the X valve
Clone GT- Dust White with turquoise accents #GT1245
Drone- Teal base with a 2 way splash of white and violet #DX0813
Mokal Aura- Red
Mokal Aura- black
Resurrection- Black #14801
Automag- Silver steel parts with the aluminum being anodized purple with white splash
Mini- Dust blue with Dust green accents #17406
Mini- Dust champagne with Dust brown accents #17407
Axe- Black #16905
Proto Rize Maxed- Black
Code- Silver
Envy- Black #001444
Envy w/ Blackheart board- Black #001365
G1 w/ blackheart board- #1001
Proto SLG- Black #30900001
Axe 1 - Black

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