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Pirated KP2 SC For Sale

Picked up a different piece of brass this week. Don't need this one, so up it goes.

Stock was refinished, chopped, and reshaped on the back by me more than 10 years ago. Has a Titus red delrin bolt (original will be included with ball bearings and spring), and Palmers' Fassst changer and extended ball feed plug. The pump I cut to fit a decade ago. Drilled for a velocity adjuster; currently has a second hex screw in it to keep it from backing out.

Very mild leak, probably cupseal. Haven't had it apart in at least 5 years. Feed tube dent does not impede function, I remember shoving a 12 gram down it to smooth it out a little. IIRC I bought the tubes from one of the Ton6 guys and the stock and trigger separately. Safety still functions, I think the parts came from a bluestreak originally.

SOLDAsking $250 OBO shipped.SOLD
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