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Originally Posted by blackmagic71 View Post
What city are you located in?

Splat Tag is great for big games, but I haven’t had as much luck with regular open play.

Have you considered MN Pro just south of the cities?
I'm in Minneapolis. Vintage, Splat Tag, and MN Pro are all close enough in drive times to be considered.

I've considered MN Pro, but haven't considered a membership too seriously because I'm trying to get some friends involved in the sport and their rental prices are pretty high (And to be honest, their military-type phrasing is a bit of a turn off - not in a political way, but I've never been a big fan of likening paintball to combat). I have a couple loaner markers and masks, so it wouldn't be too often that a friend would have to rent, but it's a possibility.

I know I'll make it down there at least a couple times to play and check it out. If I'm being honest, being able to bring beer is a reasonable perk.

Originally Posted by Carlito View Post
I've played at Splat Tag regularly for the past 15yrs. Highly recommend it. My group plays mostly pump, with some mechs and maybe an electro or two. Owner is a great guy. Very charitable and always building up the field. They are opening this weekend. First "big game" is March 31st. I doubt it will be very big due to the snow melt and mud. But I plan on being there.

I've never played at Vintage, but I've got friends who have. I'm not here to bash other fields so we'll just say they all prefer Splat Tag.
Oh yeah, I have no interest in places getting bashed! If multiple fields in the metro can exist and survive and thrive that's only a good thing; and realistically I'm going to play everywhere a few times - it's just a matter of deciding where I'll be frequently enough to justify a membership.

I've been leaning Splat Tag - I know of at least one other person on the boards who frequents there and plays pump and I've heard nothing but good things about the owner. I won't make it out this weekend but I'm going to push real hard to be out there next weekend, even if I end up coming solo and meeting people as I go.
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