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heres what i remember,

the regular frames that have been on CCM guns since they started doing the 86 took CZ-75 hogues, they switched over to delrin panels because they could be made in house, and then it was just a measure of material cost and machine time..
as opposed to paying wholesale prices for rubber grips that would get passed to the consumer (the grips cost $20, so the price goes up $20) the first run of phantom frames (and maybe the second) had some dimensional issues with the panel fit. i THINK CZ-75 grips will fit but they also might take a little trimming on the inner panel to get it to sit right

so in short, cocker 86 frame, CZ's are universal, panels might be a little iffy depending on if it a really old frame like a slider

phantom "lonestar adapter" frame, panels that it came with will always be a perfect fit, everything else might take a little trimming/dremmeling to get to fit correctly

found the post with bill's reply showing the differences with current gen panels on a phantom frame

^And i did it while wearing a helmetcam^ in 1080P HD if you need proof
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