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Originally Posted by SignOfZeta View Post
Thatís a lot of blood for a kid friendly round.

Consider my enthusiasm for first strike lower even than it was before.

- yes but typical first strike players tend to shoot much less paint in general so the cost tends to balance out, for instance Ive never shot FSR personally but I buy a case of round ball and shoot pump or magfeed and that case will last me all season I usually give away half the case so the balls don't loose their shape and become dimpled before I get to them, If I was shooting FSR I wouldn't have to worry about that
Fills the woods with plastic
- unfortunately this is the big downside to FSR thankfully players shooting first strike typically aren't walking the trigger, at my local field I've personally witnessed FSR players walking around between games picking up rounds that never broke and reusing them so in essence the're not making quite as big of an impact albeit they are still leaving the fragmented rounds behind
The whole cosplay thing
- this is just a weak statement in general players have been doing the whole "crosplay" thing in paintball since the beginning, their are several old school markers designed to simulate guns, not all paintball markers are space dildos
Fragments paintball userbase
- a lot of this is due to negative perception, in the beginning their were actual groups running smear campaigns and spreading false allegations about FSR
Donít work with hoppers
- who plays with hoppers lol, if they were compatible with hoppers people would be walking the trigger with FSR leaving a lot more spent rounds in the bush so this kind of goes against your second point.
new addition- Draws blood!
-any paintball round can draw blood, Ive been hit with several FSR from all distances and in my experience they typically don't draw blood any more frequent then round ball
You can hate on FSR all you want its only big negative IMO is the pollution aspect other than that it adds a new element to the game that gives players a new challenge that I personally find fun and exciting, paintball snipers have become a real thing and players don't all have the same effective range like before, now players with hoppers cant just walk the trigger and get elimination by volume when the player on the other side can reach them first so its forcing more strategy into play and making fields more dynamic, how can that be a bad thing.
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