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Hey ScottQ, is First Strike working to educated business owners and the paintball insurance community? Many of us have had to deal with willful ignorance of some field owners. They find the rules "too complicated" and are resistant of players trying to help them stay abreast of the standards.
Yes, I believe that is our torch to carry. We canít allow our game to be boxed in, doing so could stunt itís growth. Our game is relatively young, it can go in any direction.

Ideas and eventual change is a super sensitive subject regardless of what youíre talking about. Change takes time and we as a company need to do more.

We often foot the bill for extra event insurance so a field will allow FSR despite the recent ASTM change. Sometimes calling the field and citing a few documents is enough though.

Regarding the USA endorsement for the UN/ISO bottle, that does cost a good bit of money to have done. I wasnít surprised that no one else wanted to foot the bill given to sales of magfed markers when compared to the likes of speedball markers. Hopper ball is still the most popular style of play by a long shot.
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