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Psycho Ballistics, Dye Single Hinge, Invert CF Barrel

Craigslist rescue. It has a DYE single trigger hinge frame, detonator HPR, and an invert carbon fiber barrel (knightstick?). I figure the frame is the attention getter here and everything else probably takes away value except neither give nor take for the macro fittings. Shooting for $250, I eat fees and shipping. Very much OBO.

I have a lot of projects and am not inclined to add this to the stack. Assume it needs rebuilds.

Not really interested in parting this out at the moment... I dunno... convince me. Not really interested in trades either but I am a sucker for most things splash.

Interesting note on the barrel- I was going to take it off and move it over to a very early gen Mini that I am prepping for sale but it was too tight a fit and wouldn't get as far as the threads. Went into another Mini and a few other cocker threaded guns just fine.

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