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thats the thing, i have never seen one on any b/s/t forum, so that means either it is great and being hoarded, or they never sold.
Well, I've never put mine up for sale because I actually want to get it working well, now that I know it can be done (thanks, russc!). But maybe I'll actually get around to selling it now, as it keeps slipping down my list of projects to finish...

One of my ideas was to see if Python could make a set of their breech sizers to fit it... That would pretty definitively solve the rollout problem, I think.

As far as the gun itself, pretty much everything everyone has already said is accurate (well, except for the not worth $50 part). I've actually never had a breech break with mine, so maybe I've been lucky. But otherwise, it's not something you'd want to try and use in a game right out of the box.

But if I can get it working reliably... Damn, is it cool to shoot.
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I just learned something.

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