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Very cool looking. If you could design it to fit the under mount kits instead of a Havoc with most of the parts of a rifle kit I would bet you could sell a handful of them.
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No one is judge/jury/executioner here.
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I must have missed that memo


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@The Flounder : Damn I guess the pistol grip mount is already part of the rifle set huh? I will make a variation that will fit the underbarrel kit. Thanks for the feedback.

What do you guys think about this look? I'm toying with the idea of adding more body/furniture to the front..

Versus the old concept :

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Short vid nothing much to see just a bit of the stock :

Full gallery of better pics here :
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Under barrel version test. The rifle version is secure with only 1 bolt in the trigger frame area, unfortunately the underbarrel has no hole in the trigger frame. I can use the 1 bolt on the back, but it's high up, so a 2nd bolt will need to be drilled into the trigger frame for extra support, or just hot glue or something.

I'm on the last prototypes, will probably do a final solid fill version as next.

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Finally got around to printing a more solid version and getting all the hardware to bolt it on. Just gotta find a macro-line fitting now.

There is a blemish on the grip because I tried a new printing orientation and supports might have gave.

Takes way too long to print, 20h for the grip HALF. Gotta try and optimize the mesh more.

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Man that is awesome! And a holder for a 12 gram as well ingenious. I guarantee you could make some money off it.
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Thanks m8, will put it out there once I iron out all the kinks (maybe a non-air-thru version much sooner). I am unable to actually manufacture the 12g adapter though, since I can't find a cheap source for 12g piercing-pins (that seem so standard yet so illusive). I wouldn't want to make another zombie mish-mash of parts it's way to expensive and looks a bit rough, not mass reproducible.

So it's kind of difficult to say if other peoples 12g adaptors will fit. I assume they are all 1" dia. but some might be longer.

Got the macro-line to fit in (had to melt out the slot lol), but the angle on the line is a bit jarring, it might burst or leak when I go to test, we'll see.

So next update will likely have a 1" longer back end, altered geometry around macro line, and I will also probably imprint the "skeleton" on to the other blank side, but still not make it see-thru for strength, or maybe I'll just make it seethru, I donno.

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Well it looks gorgeous! You wouldn't know all those flaws you mentioned by looking at it. I see a few of them now that you mention it though. I really like the design though, purty!
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This is looking good, can't wait to see some testing!
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I hate to keep teasing and posting the same thing kinda, but I'm very slow to make progress :/

Printed a top rail, snugly screwed on, and a grip and side rail (double-sided taped on for now).

Right now I'm printing a longer back-half, 1.5" longer to give better macroline clearance, and to test the feel of a longer stock, and that one is also fully see-thru.

Also the fore-grip unfortunately obstructs the break-loading, going to have to use an angled-grip instead.

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