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(no upd. ) Tacticool Metadyne Havoc Series

Most recent update :

Indoor test :
Outdoor test (clear view of trajectories) :

Here's a sneak peak of what I'm working on.
  • Tactical Stock with embedded 12g co2 lever changer. I will borrow the lever changer from my rifle if anyone rembmers that the acih changer.
  • Quad weaver rail wrapping the barrel (emphasis on the "wrap" because I will not be drilling into the barrel).
  • tactical fore-grip added to bottom rail
  • weaver rail on top
  • iron sights
  • Test a variety of different shell designs to maximize scattergun effectiveness.

First things first gotta finish up this stock model.

Will probably print everything in carbon fiber filament, to match the abrasiveness of Metadyne style anodizing. And it will look aweosme.

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Mesh is done, time to do some test prints!

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Aw man this is awesome. I'm currently fitting my havok into a rifle stock as I could not find their rifle config for sale.
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@bosgarage57, sweet! I bought some wood-filament for the lulz but I don't think it will hold a candle to real wood in strength. Wish you smooth chiseling. Getting those negative impressions subtracted out is a bit more confusing than the average task at least for me. What kind of stock did you get? Also it's a shame Metadyne isn't pumping out any more products.

Fitment test 1 finished, result is, one support failed at the bottom of the grip, there is a 1/4" gap for some reason between the back of the marker and the stock, and other general tolerance issues need to be sorted for the next test.

10h print, 0.2mm layer height, 0.4mm width, 3 shells, 15% infill, Bone White PLA+ (closest thing I could find to tan).

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Very cool , I'm following this build to see where it goes.
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Nice work!


Brass Monkey Customs

I am not longer accepting work. Sorry.

I do not have any tubing for sale, nor will I be restocking. Once more, sorry.

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looking good
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mmmmm, want
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Cheers guys :P

Quick concept render. I don't know if I will bother with the front quad rail and fore-grip. Maybe. Maybe will find something else to do up front.

Ran 2 more fit tests but on the tall delta, and those sucked, and that machine is too damn loud and has quality issues. Going to go back to the cartesian printers and figure out printing it there. Either cutting it in half and able to slot in and bolt together, so anyone with a standard printer can print it. Not sure if it's worth it to do it in one piece. Still going to try a full one but a bit less enthusiastic about it since the quality difference annoys me between the two printers.

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Printing this now both pieces should be done in 16 hours or something, 35% infill though, have to hollow out a bit if I want 100% in any reasonable time.

Shoulder area has been beefed up a bit to look a bit like a magpul thing.

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