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Does anyone know Jerry Sullivan on a somewhat personal level?

Is he on vacation or anything? When was the last you heard from him?

Backstory/Reason I am asking:
Jerry Sullivan started ACI, and is re-releasing the maverick. He offered me some when they were ready, but I didn't have the money at first. A few weeks went by, and I foolishly sent him the money via paypal without first getting a response that he is ready for them or that they were still available. This was Sept 23rd. I emailed him 2 or 3 times (throughout the last couple weeks), on the 4 different emails I have for him, and left a message on his voicemail at Racegun (last friday, Oct 6th, about 11AM). Yesterday I filed a paypal dispute, nothing serious, doesn't negatively effect his account, but should attract a bit more attention. If he does not get back to me by tuesday night, I plan to go to a paypal claim. I really want the AM-P Illusion on ebay right now, espescially for the upcoming scenario, and to get it I need to either get my money back, or sell off the 2 extra mavericks I ordered from him (as he gave me permission to do).

Am I in the wrong to do so? He could at least have replied saying "Hey, I am really busy right now, can I check the status of Maverick production and get back to you in a week or so?". The fact that he is ignoring me is what is throwing me off. Also, to note, the paypal money ended up going to "Dennis Sullivan" with the unusual email address of "". Does he sometimes go by Dennis, or is something fishy going on? Of the 3 emails adresses I have on hand for him, none are that, or even with that domain.

I don't want to go to a claim if it turns out he is in the Bahamas with his family or something, especially if he uses a Paypal Debit or Credit card. But there were no auto-responders from any of his email addresses, and his voicemail message was fairly standard too.
Thanks guys, and sorry for the repost from the Guild a week ago, for those that notice.
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