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I had a great one at SPE two years ago. It was on one of the wooded fields, shortly after the game started. I could see 3 or 4 guys way down at the other end of the field. Just on a whim, I pointed my sterling up at about a 45 degree angle, and took a shot. The paint was bright, so I watched it go up, into the canopy of trees, and then lost it but looked down towards the other players just soon enough to see one of them flinch, just as the ball hit him squarely on top of the head. He felt for the paint, got up, put his gun in the air, and walked off looking confused. It was the longest long ball I have ever had. I was smiling after that one for sure.
"OMG! Oh! - MY! - GOD! ... I've been playing over ten years and nobody ever told me I had to wear a cup! It's an outrage! A Conspiracy! Why didn't anyone tell me I could get shot in the balls! They hate my balls! Ten YEARS! Ahhhhhhhh! ... conspiracy" ~WilD

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