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I have more experience with backspin bolts that probobly anyone, as I've used them in nearly all my guns in the last 20 years. They do work exactly the same as the flatline, is done correctly. It is not a myth.

DRG is completely correct. The way the test was designed, it would not show the magnus effect.

In order to generate magnus effect, you need a minimum spin speed to break the "threshhold", or you won't generate any at all. This spin speed is called the reynolds number. In short, plugging those holes will not get you to the Reynolds number.

You would need the hole at the very base, be very small, and have a very overbored barrel. I know because I've made very many of those bolts, and found out the hard way!

Now, the only bolt that actually claims to do with was the CooperT Better bolt.

Other bolts, like the Undertow, or the Alien bolts DO NOT claim to reach Reynolds. INstead, they use a slower speed, and claim to be generated either Bournulli force (with the Alien bolts), or Gyroscopic Inertia (with the undertow bolt).

In the case of the latter bolts, I've never used those, so I can only guess, but with the COoperT , and my own bolts, its definetly measurable, but you have to be very specific. Remember, that Reynolds number is at threshhold. If you do not meet it, you can get a reverse-magus effect (ie Sinking fastballs).

That said, I still think you did a GREAT JOB. DO NOT compare yourself to mythbusters. You actually used some degree of science.

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