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Compared to some other things here I'm sure it's not worth as much, but can anyone give me a price quote for this? :

Spyder imagine (black stock body with the original chome/silver sightrail. Not sure what year it is, but it's the one with the slots on the side to pull back to the bolt and has very little milling on the body)
Pilot ACS trigger frame (intend to sell with the original trigger frame as well)
Black CP 12" barrel.
Black Spyder Venturi bolt (will include stock as well)
Upgraded spring to tune in the velocity. (From a 9pc. 32 Degrees kit)

I don't have any pictures currently, but it's in pretty good major cosmetic damage and shoots as well as if it were new.

If any other information is needed feel free to shoot me a PM.

-Thanks guys,
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