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2 Vikings (03 & 04), which to keep?, SCM purchase and install help also...

I'm new to the AKA Owners Group, but I'm in the process of purchasing an 03 and 04 Viking.

Both are unmilled, come with WAS Equalizer boards, and eyes. I am going to keep one and sell the other. I have a few questions:

1) I've heard of a few 'deficiencies' with the 04s, compared to 03 models. What are the changes that made them perform different?

2) The 04 is missing the SCM. Where can I purchase a new one, and should I only look for an SCM-III? Also, do I need an AKA tool to install it?

3) When sending one of these to DC for some milling, which are easier to mill, or should I say: benefit more from milling?

Thanks in advance, I'm sure I'll have more questions, for now I'll post a pictures of what I'm getting.

The 2003:

The 2004 (as posted above, SCM has been removed):

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