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The problem with Mags (the newer models) and CO2 are amplified by the actual design of Mags. So what works GREAT on all other markers does not always work well for Mags (again, the newer models). But everyone and their brother knows better than the manufacturer themselves, who state that all newer Mag models are to be run on HPA ONLY.

The easiest thing to do is not worry about what everyone on the internet claims, but listen to the manufacturer. If you have an older Mag that was designed to work on CO2 or HPA, then use either. And if you want to keep liquid out of the marker (as you really want for any marker) follow the directions/advice posted about that here in this thread. But if you have a newer Mag that was designed to run on HPA ONLY, ONLY use HPA. That seems like an easy concept to me, but folks just want to buck the tiger and do whatever they want.

This CO2 VS HPA with Mags discussion is like folks wanting to buy a Ferrari and then wanting to find ways to make it run on Diesel fuel, DUDE! You are getting a Ferrari! Run it on what it was designed to be run on. (Note: Comment was aimed at newer Mag models only.)
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