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Possible pump and pistol only days at S.O.F Hamilton

I was playing at S.O.F yesterday with my superstocker. The only pump on the field that day. And one of the refs asked if I would be interested if the field started offering pump and pistol only days. I'd play, but first I have to find more people interested in it.

The official pump and pistol day would probably be on a Wednesday. This is a pretty dead day for play. But the field is only open from 12-7pm wed-fri. Not very handy if you work days. This is the day they use to run pump and pistol, on a couple years ago.

If that doesn't work I had an idea for an unofficial pump and pistol day. On Sundays the field opens at 10am but no one really starts to show up until noon. So if you wanted to play pump and pistol only. You just have to show up earlier and you can get the entire place to yourself for 2 hours. Then when other people start showing up you just play like a normal walk on day.

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