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The Pump Players Internet Group (PPIG) was something that deescalated in my life's ladder of priorities and I apologize to everyone who relied on it as part of their paintball routine, or for any reason at all, really.

I started working on the site in 1998 and Brian (BigChiefMunkey) came along shortly after that to help. Chip and Justin (Rowan, I believe) were also very helpful in the first few years.

I still play paintball on occasion, although I'm limited to a handful of occasions per year. Marriage, a new career (I was in college when I first invested my time in the website), and a host of other things have pushed what was a very competitive part of my life to the realm of occasional hobby. I still own several pumps and play pump exclusively.

I still have a few of the patches with the logo we designed (not very original, but hey, we still designed it) and even some of the really, really old t-shirts. I'm glad to see so many familiar names in this post as many of them inspire a lot of fond memories of the site, games with some of you, and even good arguments.

I entered the URL on a whim this evening and was pleasantly surprised--although a tiny bit jealous (it's the selfish aspect of human nature telling me that I could still find time, put together a site, and maintain it)--to see that MCB has adopted it. Thank you so very much for the gesture and perpetuation of what, for nearly a decade, meant a great deal to me. I hope you're all doing well. Please feel free to send me an email any time any of you are playing in Houston / Austin / Dallas and I'll see if I can't make myself available.

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