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Originally Posted by Freak36 View Post
Thanks for the help guys, maybe we can bring back the pump division for DC.

Well I don't know what you can normally get a case of paint for at a national event, but I assume its in the $30-$50 area a case if you don't have connections. I'm pretty sure we wouldn't use more than 4 cases even if we were to make it all the way to finals.

DC is a 10hr drive from Lake Placid, NY... and with booking one hotel night I would have my guys bring $300 for worst case scenario kind of deal.

This is what I figured:

+ $500 entry
+ $300 gas
+ $200 hotel
+ $200 paint
+ $250 food
=$1450/5 would be $290 per person.
Your coming from lake placid? I just checked our schedule and it looks clear!. We are from the albany area and a little south. We should meet up and convoy down there. How many days is the pump event? just saturday and sunday? Ive got 6 guys ready to go. I just called them and they are all pumped and ready. And where did you get the 500$ entry from?
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