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My worst has to be the scar that I recieved when the F-1 Illistrator came to market. The getleman using it decided to paint my crotch.
Painfull memories.....
When I first started playing I was young enough that wearing a cup was pretty much useless. After awhile I decided to start wearing one. I Saw a hair or two.
Then one day we went out to the local field and I had forgot it at home. Well, at 2:32 and 57 seconds it happened. I was laying behind a log that was a bit to small and a guy on the other team took the bad shot, or 11. Let just say that most of them found their way to my lower extremeties! I had to crawl off the field through the mud of March to the staging area. Actually draging myself through the cold mud felt pretty good. It was the end of my day. But the swelling was pretty amazing!
Well when the swelling went down. About a week later. It revieled a nice raised scar that to this day I still have. I believe that I was 13 at the time. Do you know how hard that is to convince girls in high school about that!
I could post a picture but that would be really inappropriate.
I do not think that I have worn a cup since that day. I feel if you worry about it to much, it's bound to happen again and again. I may need therapy.
Boy, the next words out of your mouth better be some brilliant Mark Twain S**t. Cuz it's definately gettin chisled on your tombstone.

Had it been a blind body and not blue I would of jumped on it like an eithiopian on a steak dinner.

My Ex-Wife is ungrateful She Never Used the Wedding present I bought her......A COFFIN
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