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As for cockers I'd have to check to see if it's the end of the sleeve that you want to machine off that binds or the shoulder of the barrel on the front of the body. It's fairly important since the seating of that shoulder helps determine how the barrel aligns with the body.
makes sense. I was looking more at use on snipers/sniper II's, I don't think this would hold up well in a gun that may fire 500+ rounds per game or even 500+ rounds per day of play. I don't see any way that this would be a long term solution but just another idea to throw out there.

Though I do agree with you for the most part I will stray a bit and say that the alignment may not cause too many problems. Since K2 has taken over WGP there is a huge decline in the quality of the barrel thread tapping. My current estimate is that about 75% of the cockers I have seen on the walls of local pb stores in the past 2 years have very poor alignment of the barrel to breach. I realize lining these up and cutting the threads isn't the easiest thing to do, but for a gun that used accuracy to build its reputation I would expect better.
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