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Let's see your Tac-One Setup!!!

Well I began playing paintball back in 1994 when it was all about the Automags versus Autocockers. This rivalry transformed paintball today. I was always an Automag fan for it's ease of use and reliability. Today I'd like to share my newest setup with you in hopes that others may see what can be done to the beautiful Tac-One.

I researched ideas on Tac-One with Q-Loader setups but couldn't find a single source for this sought after woodsball marker. Now, I know that the Q-Loader has it's flaws but you cant compare the low profile ability, that only the Q-Loader can bring. This in itself makes the learning curve worth while. I am not completely done because my Warp Left Tac-One body is in the mail, but here is what I have. Picture the Q-Loader hose on the side coming straight down to the CMS. I will be using Warp Feed Hose because its stronger and has a metal lining inside to prevent ball break in case of a hit!

Please post your Tac-One setup so others may have a source of ideas if investing in this great piece of history and craftmanship!

Please do not post only comments below, this is picture thread on just the AGD Tac-One. Members posting pictures, I ask you post specs on your marker to avoid questions. If you have questions on a markers setup, PM the member; that's why we are here!!!

Attachment 23300

Specs: AGD Tac-One (Warp Left Body coming Soon), X-Valve, ULT, Y-Grip, RPG Trigger, DeadlyWind 14" Barrel, Spec Ops T2W Stock, Q-loader. Enjoy!!!!!

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Great looking Tac1's guys! i was looking for a WL tac body but settled for a ULE one instead. Keep the pics coming!
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The Tac in the upper left has a classic valve, classic rail, AGD single finger carbon fiber trigger, and Level 10 bolt. I drilled a few holes into a weaver rail and added a folding fore-grip.

The one in the lower right is factory stock Tac-One with no special modifications, just an X-valve, intelliframe, etc.

Below is a close up of the one from the lower right, after I purchased it. It was the display model from Special Ops when they were still in North Salt Lake, UT. Cleaned up the dust, added air fittings, and I was in heaven.

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Y-Grip, RPG 15* ASA, Bike Grip, Tac-One body, Gen 3? Tac-One rail, Micro E-Mag Valve with ULT and Level 10, Cam-lock CCM feedneck, NDZ Drop Kick, CP On/Off, AGD Gauge.
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TommyMag MkII:


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Rick Bad Tac

the feed neck is from bob long. don't use ccm (they sell it as a ion and say its a angle), also CP does the same thing.
the z grip has been professionally milled to fit the rt pro rail

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Actual setup: Tac-one body / X-valve / CCM feedneck-dust black / Noxious rail-dust black / SP Max-Flo-Hi / JJ ceramic stock barell /

Waiting for: Custom wooden grips / WTB: UMF frame / Carbon Fiber foregrip / Dye Ultralite barell /

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Originally Posted by doc Zox View Post
That marker has to be so incredibly front heavy...
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Originally Posted by Gunz View Post
Specs: AGD Tac-One (Warp Left Body coming Soon), X-Valve, ULT, Y-Grip, RPG Trigger, DeadlyWind 14" Barrel, Spec Ops T2W Stock, Q-loader. Enjoy!!!!!
Nice setup. The only thing I wanted to change on mine was to get a WL body too. I had my CMS bolted directly to a winged rail. Used the Q-loader Tiberius kit, which also had the feedneck that screwed right into the Tac body to take the 90 degree feed adapter.

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