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Xvalve efficiency insert results?

I've been looking around alot and there really weren't any definitive results on how many shots an xvalve got with the efficiency inserts on a 68/45. Any problems faced using them? How well do they work? Thanks!
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I just use an 88 ci tank, efficiency problem solved.

I remember hearing about these. Apparently the people they were given out to, responsible for testing the efficiency results, never really reported anything and the whole thing kind of died out.
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i got one but my problem was i never had a chance to shoot the full amount of pain in a single game, and the fact that my mag is a ep pretty much threw it out of the results.
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I tried one in a classic valve and it made my valve inconsistent and it didn't seem to provide any gains. I still have the insert but not the mag anymore. I may get another mag to try it out sometime.
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I bought one for my X-valve but never had my valve opened up to install and test it. So I sold it at my cost to someone who said they would use it and report back. After I sold it, I acquired by accident an X-valve with a powertube that came apart easily (I found out accidentally, when I was trying to remove the powertube tip). Go figure!

I also bought one for a Classic valve - there was some reporting back on those with good results - but never had my Classic opened up to install either. Then here in the past few weeks I got ahold of a Classic valve that came right apart, just like the X-valve I found. So I went ahead and installed the classic insert, but haven't had a chance to test yet.
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I just installed mine on my x-valve emag yesterday. I will try to record how much paint I go through using one fill on my 68/4500 next time I get out. It is easy to put in and take out once you open the valve once.
I am not going to go through a case of paint at a chrono just to test it.

Also the funny thing is when I opened the valve for the first time I found a loose oring inside, looked to be about the size of the one for the lvl10. Took the lvl10 apart and it was not missing a oring. Resembled everything and fired with no leaks, I guess I have a spare o ring now.
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I've got a couple hundred reballs I plan to use. Just need to build a better reball catcher. My last cardboard box with t-shirt hanging down wasn't deep enough, and caused quite a bit of ricochets.
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Reballs might not work unless you set them up right as the velocity wit ha reball won't be the same as a paintball cause of how much lighter they are. So results may vary. Would it be possible to not even touch the velocity adjuster and it would be the same as paintballs?
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I have and tested the inserts. The classic insert did help using 12grs on my stock class minimag. About 15 shots out of a 12gr better than the 8 it got stock. The X-valve insert never really got a good run tested out of it.
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I have one that Hill personally installed and used. Truth be told, I usually get too caught up playing so I never notice how many rounds I get. It works well, though.
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