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Let's talk twist-lock

I have a sp teardrop right now that is an absolute tack driver. But whenever that ball break comes along, no degree of squeegee or swab can eliminate the screwball effect. Those little scooped ports weep and weep for days

I'm forced to dunk and dry between games if I want to maintain any semblance of accuracy.

Anyone found a barrel that field swabs well enough to keep me out of the deadzone? I'm thinking lapco
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Consider using RainX or something similar on the ported area. We used to RainX barrels, and it works for a while... If it were just on the ported areas, where paint doesn't wear away the coating, it would likely last a lot longer.

There is also NeverWet and similar products, but I have not tried these, so that might not work.


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I have a killhouse barrel (Lapco clone), which I core sampled some snow in the other day, and proceeded to break lost every ball thereafter. It field swab to accurate onough for close-mid range accuracy, but not long. An off field cleaning solved it fully, didn't have to fully rinse and dry, but had to take it off.

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  • [On the Field] Just squeegee the barrel then cover the end of the barrel and dry fire a couple of times to force the paint out of the holes. This will not clean paint caught up in the detent but does a pretty good job for an on the field expedient. Just make sure you are not shooting any paint at the time, hitting your palm with a PB while doing this is something you do not want to experience.
  • [Off the Field] Squeegee the barrel, then spray down the inside and outside with water/alcohol [50/50] mix then wipe down and run a swab through it. Again you can put it back on the gun and cover the barrel tip and dry fire it a couple times to get excess out liquid out. The water/alcohol mix will evaporate very quickly so you'll be good for next game.

With the original AGD barrels [no vents] you would just stuff the barrel tip with a piece of paper towel then pull the barrel out and put it in backwards then while holding it firmly just shot the paper towel piece out cleaning the barrel. Reinstall the barrel and get back to playing.

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Thanks for the tips. I'll look into rain-x. Interesting product application
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i always keep a squirt bottle of water with my gear for this and cleaning my mask.
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I have noticed this problem too in the past. An All-American cleaned better than the tear drop. I assumed it had to do with the cheese grater holes wicking paint easier than normal porting, while not easy to clean on the outside. Definitely stubborn. The revolver kit was similar. Maybe too much porting?
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I'd just like to make a complaint. I was on a sales call with a customer and saw that GIF in the first post and started cracking up. Thanks for that.
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I use a J&J 2 piece the most.
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this is a bummer to hear. just completed a collection of 4 different length tear drop freak barrel fronts. guess its time to get a bunch of rainX.
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