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Warp Feed on Z-Grip

Hey guys, based on what info I can find on the subject I think the answer is no, but does anyone know if the Z-Grips have the horizontal bar in them like the intelliframes to mount the roller switch to activate a warp feed? I read an article that the Y-frames do, but canít find anything on the Zís nor can I find a picture of one without the grip panels on it. Thanks a lot!
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That's correct, the Z-Grip does not have the provisions to mount a switch. There is a lot of material there so you might be able to have one added, but then you would also need some of Luke's oversized grips, so probably not worth it.

I can't say I have seen anyone else run a warp feed on a Z, it's a lot more comfortable than you would think. I did for a number of years, and never had any issues even without the intellifeed switch.
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Thanks a lot for your help! Thereís one on eBay I may pickup and see if I can work something up to get the switch in there. I used to use the vibration sensor but had some feeding reliability issues. Thanks again!
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I run my warped pneumag with just the vibration sensor, intellifeed isn't hard to whip up though, it's a pretty simple roller switch you can mount up near the trigger rod/sear leg to bump into.

You might even be able to rig up something different, like a pressure pad in the grip panel to work. that'd be sweet...
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An member with the username Ando has a Z-grip with a warpfeed... you might be able to track him down and ask him some questions.
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