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from another thread

Originally Posted by HP_Lovecraft View Post
Macroline is VERY COMMON outside paintball.
At work, we used it for thousands of applications.

The line itself is nothing special. What defines macro/microline is the fittings, which are called "Insta-connect", and "Push/Pull" fittings outside paintball.

They are more convenient then the Q/D fittings common with braided line.

Unfortunetly, most macro/microline is only rated for 400psi, AND SHOULD NOT BE USED FOR PAINTBALL. THe braided stuff is rated close to 3000psi, and is FAR SUPERIOR is ever way, except that macro/microline can be shorter.


I think this is what your original question was.

also, going through the line. wouldn't that be a regulated pressure, as the line would store the pressure? I would assume the line would maintain pressure as long as temp stayed the same

you will still get some fluctuations in the line no matter what with the travel of the gas. your best guess is to find your out put of your tank (CO2 at 75 is between what he said before) and it will be in that range

most solid lines IIRC have large pressure ratings. some said that the bathroom copper pipes have huge ratings on them, something like 1k or higher (not to sure on this)

it might help if you tell us what you are trying to do
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The general rule of thumb is that anything being used with CO2 needs to be strong enough for at least 1800psi. That is the pressure of a CO2 tank on a warm day.

Ideally, the lines should be rated for 3000psi. The pressure in a co2 tank will probobly never reach 3000psi unless many mistakes are made, but most modern CO2 tanks have a pressure relief set at 3000psi instead of 1800psi like the old tanks.

HPA systems are obviously more predictable. Expect 400-800psi output. Though its still a good idea to have a strong line since HPA systems tend to "creep" when the reg gets worn, and slowely start to put out a higher and higher pressure.

Most stainless, and hydraulic-style lines are rated 3000psi-5000psi.
Most macroline is rated for 500-900psi. Microline is typically 600-1000psi. You can sometimes find the higher rated macro/microline for 1200-1500psi, but its generally rare.

As for the fittings, they are rated seperatly. Brass fittings can range from 1000-5000psi, and is rarely noted so you sometimes have to do some research. Macro/microline fittings are usually around 500psi.

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