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looking to start halfblocking and mini-ing

i did the halfblock and mini on my cocker, and am wonderind if there would be any demand for this. i am by no means a professional machinist, but am a mechanical engineering student. i dont use CNC. figure this would be a good way to get more experience on a the mill.

heres my kinda micro cocker(i didnt chop all of the back tube)

things i can do:
micro(all of the above)
shorten pump arm
maybe shorten timing rod(didnt do it on mine, its electro) but i guess its the same.

simple things like that

things i cant do:
custom bolts
custom milling(other than above - all straight cuts)
hammer milling
things that involve curved milling

i am a student, so the shop is open during school and closed during finals. i would prefer to mill things that arent near and dear to your heart(so DONT send me your DC2!!!) just incase the body gets scratched or the feedneck gets bumped with the spindle(as what happened to mine)

basically id charge about 30 for halfblock, 30 for mini, 20 for midget or 60 for micro.

just seeing if there would be people willing to let me get some more experience

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Sled and bolt for the halfblock?
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i cant do sleds or bolts, havent figured that out yet. id just mill the body, and i can do it cheap. also, if anyone has a body for sale cheap that i can mill, id be interested in that. i love milling cockers, kids in the shop are always like, "whats that??"

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without having the sleds and bolts, your gonna have a hard time getting people to bite. I am just being honest with you. halfblock sleds and bolts are only offer by two people at the moment, SSC (which he is on here and will do the machining) and white wolf airsmithing. Most people want the total package such as sled bolt and milling service.
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I'll look into bolts and sleds. I understand that people want the whole package.
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